Dew Custom Lawn Care - Nutrients designed for your lawn

Custom Lawn Care Subscription Service Canada

Eco-friendly lawn care, right to your door.

Everything you need for a great looking lawn delivered seasonally, right to your door. Custom formulated specifically for your lawn.
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Now there’s a better way to achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted! Leave the complex lawn and soil analysis to us and get a lawn care program customized just for you.

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  • Custom formulated for your lawn
  • Exactly the amount your lawn needs right when you need it
  • Canada’s only lawn soil database
  • Compostable bags and labels- an industry first
  • No harsh chemicals- all dew programs are 100% pesticide free
  • Kid and pet safe
  • The latest lawn science
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We really wanted to find a solution for our property that was better for the environment and didn’t leave us with tons of leftovers. It was the perfect amount for our lawn and the improvement is amazing!!

Austin Birch
Edmonton AB

I couldn’t believe how easy the process was! My lawn has been a bit of an embarrassment for a while, but See Spot Go! worked so well, I couldn’t believe how quickly the spots started filling it.

Bob MacIntosh
Vancouver BC

After a long and cold winter, the custom Dew nutrients brought my lawn back to a beautiful vibrant green in no time. The best part is there is no waste! Everything can be recycled or composted.

Jagmet Sing
Edmonton AB

I love how simple this product is to use. It’s rooted in science, but they have made it so simple to use and you get incredible results!

Chan Yuen
Burnaby BC