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Dew 101

Now there’s a better way to achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted! Leave the complex lawn and soil analysis to us and get a lawn care program customized just for you.

Easy as 1, 2, seed

Hand delivered lawn care products that help turn you into a lawn master in less than 20 minutes.

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Yard Size
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Get your unique plan delivered to your door.

How it works

Designed for your climate
After entering your address, our patented lawn analysis determines your nutrient requirements customized specifically for your region.
Everything you need to get started
Once your custom yearly plan has been created, you are sent a startup package that contains your initial lawn nutrients, a spreader and the other extras required to keep your lawn looking amazing.
Tailored for your soil
One of the most important things in your first package is the “Dew For You” soil sample kit. This is where you get to grab your lawn by the roots and show it who’s boss. It’s pretty simple, dig out a little soil from your lawn, pop it into the provided (postage paid because we’re awesome) envelope and toss it in the mail.
Professional analysis
Your soil sample goes directly to our lab where it is analyzed for the specific elements that your soil might be lacking. Cool, right? Custom for your lawn—no guesswork.
A lawn care plan created just for you
Based on your lawn size, the Dew Lawn Science Team will prepare your order and will package it up with love. The perfect formulation for your lawn in the right amount. Safe for the environment and safe for you and the fam-jam. It’s a win-win!
You become the lawn pro your neighbours wish they were
To make it even easier, we handle the schedule! Three times a year, you will receive your custom order of nutrients (and extras) ready for application to your lawn to keep it healthy and green all year round (except for when you can’t see it through the snow). It’s as easy as, apply, love & repeat.
The Dew Promise
Your lawn is about to get a major glow-up, and we're confident you'll love the results. But if for any reason you're not thrilled, we'll make it right, pinky swear.

How Big is Your Yard?

Typical Canadian Lawn Size
Typical Canadian Lawn Size
Up to 5000ft²
5000 to 10,000ft²
10,000+ ft²
We’ll use sweet GPS tech to confirm your lawn’s exact size and send you the exact amount of product necessary time.