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Our Signature Components

Custom formulated specifically for your lawn

Core Nutrients

Naturally occurring essential elements. Key micronutrients Iron and Manganese. Organic supplements derived from seaweed. Dew core nutrients contain all the food your lawn needs to grow strong.

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See Spot Go!

They might be, “Man’s best friend”, but can also make your lawn look like a martian landscape! This Dew exclusive mixture is fast acting and the perfect solution to save your dog, marriage or just your sanity!

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A Future So Bright

Let’s face it, during the spring and summer, a sunbeam is where all the fun happens! Make sure those bright and cheerful areas of your lawn have the right foundation. This exclusive seed blend is specially designed to thrive in those sun-drenched areas of your lawn.

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Made in the Shade

When your lawn is surrounded by lots of trees or on the shadow-y side of your house, it’s the perfect time to throw some shade around. It’s the perfect grass seed solution for a lawn that doesn’t receive much regular sunlight.

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Soil Sampler Kit

The Dew Soil Sample kit is the key to your custom nutrient formulation. With over 50 years of regional soil data, your nutrients are already formulated specifically for your region. The real magic is sending back your “Dew For You” soil sample allowing our lab to analyze and improve lawn nutrient programs over time. It’s lawn science from the future.

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Nutrient & Seed Spreader

Included free with every Dew program is a high quality handheld spreader. Only the best, most accurate spreader was good enough for us. We tested over 20 different kinds. This one made the cut.

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Easy as 1, 2, seed

Hand delivered lawn care products that help turn you into a lawn master in less than 20 minutes.

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