FAQs | Dew Lawn Care | Custom Lawn Care


We tried to make our site and service and intuitive as possible, but we are sure you’ve got questions you haven’t covered. We hope to have covered some of the bases below, but if we missed anything, please reach out to our customer support team via the support widget in the lower right corner of your browser window.
1. How are you products waste-free?

The Dew Team has designed all of its packaging to be 100% waste-free. All of the nutrient bags are fully compostable and paper and packing boxes are all recyclable. Our goal at Dew is a beautiful lawn, with a minimal footprint. For more detailed information, contact info@getdew.ca.

2. How long until I see results?

Our formulation is one-of-a-kind, but it doesn’t work on contact…that would be truly amazing! Within a few weeks and with consistent watering and love, you should start to see your lawn perk up and become happier than it ever was!

3. What if my lawn is over 6,000 sqft?

This size selection should be coming soon! But, not to worry, we got you covered. For properties of that size, contact our support team at info@getdew.ca and they will take it from there.

4. How do I guess the size of my lawn?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to run outside with a measuring tape, a rough guestimate is fine. From there the Dew Team will use your address and some funky new tech to measure your property size. If it helps with your guess, a tennis court is about 2,800 sqft.

5. Is there a minimum or maximum size your yard needs to be?

As we launch Dew across the country, we are starting with yards up to 3,000 sqft. Behind the scenes, after you sign up, the Dew Team uses a custom tool to customize your formulation and quantity based on your address. If a few short weeks, Dew will be supporting properties up to 6,000 sqft and larger.

6. How are you able to create custom nutrients/fertilizer for me based on my address?

The Dew Team has over 30 years of experience in the lawn care industry in Canada. Over that time, they have created the largest database of soil types across Canada. When you place your order, your address is run through the database and your first shipment will be formulated based on the soil in your area. Once you collect your soil sample and mail it back for analysis, your next shipments will be completely customized to exactly what your soil is missing.

7. How can I change the credit card I have on file for my account?

Not a problem!! Fire an email to the Dew Staff at info@getdew.ca and they will be happy to connect with you.

8. How do I know if I’m applying the nutrients properly?

That is a pretty common question and it’s actually pretty simple! Click here and it will take you to a handy list of video instructions on how to apply your Dew products. We also highly recommend listening to your favourite tunes while you spread your nutrients, it becomes almost Zen-like! Click here to access our Spotify Playlists.