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Proudly Canadian owned and operated

Our History
Our roots are precision agriculture. We’ve spent decades studying the art and science of growing things in Canada. We’re experts in plant nutrition and passionate about the sustainable future of both Canada’s food supply and our urban landscape.
Our Why
We believe in the home. We believe your outdoor space is your little piece of Canadian nature to preserve and protect. Healthy urban lawns and trees are good for the environment and good for mental and physical health. Traditional DIY lawn care can be wasteful and toxic. We knew there must be a better way.
Our Science
During the 2020 lockdowns, the Dew lawn science team got to work. Learning from decades of agriculture and lawn care expertise, we built Canada’s first and only detailed residential lawn soil database, the Dew Individual lawn Research Tool, D.I.R.T. (seriously). The database is continually updated and gets smarter over time. The results? Lawn care is now easier for you and way better for the environment.
Lawns are good
Well maintained turf looks great, adds curb appeal, and is good for the environment. The right nutrient and seed program will help your lawn build resilience against drought, diseases, and insect pressures. At Dew, we celebrate and love the Canadian lawn every day (we’re actually a bit obsessive about it).
Traditional DIY lawn care is broken
The big box store experience- row after row of massive bags of lawn chemicals from huge national brands. An entire section of confusing liquid chemicals. The experience is awful-and you haven’t even made it out of the parking lot yet. At home the stress continues- how much should you apply? How? What do I do about the leftover amounts?
The future is free (of waste and overapplication)
Customization and precision are the future. At Dew, we’ll only send you exactly what you need when you need it. No guesswork. No waste. Use all the product then compost or recycle the packaging. No storing any chemicals. Keeping your lawn healthy is the key to making it more resistant to weed invasion. Awesome fact: Dew lawns in Canada this year could save over one thousand litres of unnecessary lawn chemicals from entering the environment. Now we’re talking!

How Big is Your Yard?

Typical Canadian Lawn Size
Typical Canadian Lawn Size
Up to 5000ft²
5000 to 10,000ft²
10000+ ft²
We’ll use sweet GPS tech to confirm your lawn’s exact size and send you the exact amount of product necessary time.
What sets us apart?
  • Custom formulated for your lawn
  • Get the right amount you need, when you need it
  • Canada’s only lawn soil database
  • Compostable bags and labels-an industry first
  • Dew programs are 100% pesticide free
  • Kid and pet safe
  • The latest lawn science
  • We have really cool Spotify playlists
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